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COR Merchandise

There are many ways you can help support Cozumel Ocean Research even if you are a non diver or if you are not in Cozumel. You can help support our cause and our monitoring team by buying some of our beautiful COR merchandise. We have a range of COR clothing available; T-shirts, hoodies and swimwear of our various Eagle Ray designs,

as well as accessories like organic tote bags and COR mugs, which make perfect gifts for ocean lovers!

Click on any of the images below to support!

To support us and see more sizes and colors of our T-shirts

In Cozumel you can buy our T-shirts directly from our Supporting local stores.

Basicos Mercadito Cero. Aqua Pro Punto Sub. Cozumel Dive Boutique.


If you're interested in sponsoring us or making a donation,
please get in touch.

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