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Spotted Eagle Ray
Citizen Science Program

Spotted eagle rays are one of our most fascinating local residents, and are often spotted schooling during the winter months.  So far, we are not sure why they visit, but Cozumel Ocean Research has been conducting monitoring efforts on the island for 5 years with the aim of finding out. Our Eagle Ray Volunteers spearhead our efforts to collect data on these majestic animals and make a difference in taking them off the near-threatened endangered species list.

Program Activities

We start by studying eagle ray populations, learning the characteristics of the species and their habitat, and further understanding their role in the ecosystem of the island by determining feeding, transit and resting areas. Program participants collect individual sighting data and learn how to properly document the data. We teach proper approach techniques for capturing images (photo and video) of individuals for our database without disturbing them.  Become an active member of Team COR, by registering your encounters and submitting your media for our Eagle Ray ID catalog.


December - February

Includes 3 Day Program

Classroom session and course materials,

4 Dives (Shore and Boat)


Minimum age 15 years old + Open Water diver

Advanced Open Water (Recommended)

Nitrox Diver Certification (Recommended)

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