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Megafauna and Nurseries Monitoring

As part of the development of the SER project for 2021-2023 we will be doing other activities to collect data that can bring us to a better understanding of the ecology and biology of the SERs in Cozumel.

The megafauna monitoring is intended to collect more information on the activity of eagle rays (A. narinari) and the relationship with the presence of the Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) during the SER season in Cozumel. The project will be a collaboration with the organization FINS, this monitoring will provide information of many other species considered megafauna in the Caribbean, this includes other sharks, rays, bony fish, and marine mammals.


Program Activities

This survey will be during the same period of the eagle season starting in November and will extend till the summer, when will be trying to locate nursery areas of SER and other shark species in sea lagoons and mangroves.

For this monitoring we are using BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video) stations, the COR volunteer team and community receive training in the use of this survey method, the course was taught by PhD. Maria del Pilar Blanco who works with elasmobranchs and cetaceans in the region and is the founder of the organization FINS. The monitoring will be an effort to increase the data on the island and integrate it into the Data Base of Megafauna in the Caribbean.


November - February

Includes 2 Day Program

Classroom session and course materials,

4 Dives (Shore and Boat) tanks and weights.


Minimum age 15 years old + Open Water diver

Advanced Open Water (Recommended)

Nitrox Diver Certification (Recommended)

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