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Coral Reef
Citizen Science Program

The Mesoamerican Reef System (SAM) is part of the Caribbean Region, a ​​800 km area with considerable geological, biological and political complexity. Cozumel provides an excellent area of ​​study by having the most important coral reefs in Mexico, home to 65 species of coral. In summer of 2018, the appearance of extremely aggressive “white plague” or Stony Coral Loss Tissue Disease (SCLTD), was first reported in our local dive sites. We are at a critical point, where current data for tracking the disease is imperative to develop new strategies for coral recovery. Armed with information, we can redirect conservation efforts, and enact effective legislation to protect our natural resources.

Program Activities

You can make a difference by gaining more in-depth awareness about the Cozumel coral reef ecosystem and the importance of healthy reefs. Participants of the COR Coral Reef Conservation program are educated on the identification of common Cozumel coral species, as well as how to recognize natural and external stress factors to the colonies. Learn how to responsibly capture images, so we can document changes over time, and properly record observations for later scientific evaluation. Become an active member of Team COR, by submitting your data and media for our Coral Reef Catalog. The COR Coral Reef Conservation Program is the gateway to participation in our more intensive COR Coral Data/Research Program.


Year Round

Includes 3 Day Program

Classroom session and course materials,

5 Dives (Shore and Boat) tanks and weights.


Minimum age 15 years old + Advanced Open Water diver certification, Good Buoyancy,

Nitrox Diver Certification (Recommended)

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